Working with Kundalini

Working with Kundalini

An Experiential Guide to the Process of Awakening



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About Working with Kundalini

A guide to moving gracefully through the 3-phase process of Kundalini awakening

• Explains the three phases of Kundalini awakening, the effects of pre-Kundalini and neuro-Kundalini, and Kundalini's connection to the chakras and the spiritual heart

• Describes the physical, emotional, and spiritual effects of Kundalini energy, including the rerouting of digestive fire, which can lead to food allergies and sensitivities

• Explores supportive dietary and alternative health modalities, including fasting, paleo, keto, vegetarian, and mono diets, herbal allies, and meditation

Kundalini awakenings can have profound physical, emotional, and mental effects, making it difficult to cope with everyday life, yet these powerful awakenings can also allow you to release past trauma, see past the illusions of the false self, and awaken your spiritual heart, enabling you to recognize the divine self.

In this step-by-step guide to the 3-phase process of Kundalini awakening, Mary Shutan delivers practical information on how to deal with such a spiritual emergence in our modern world. Starting with her own story, she describes the nature of Kundalini energy, the reasons for the energy rising, and the connection to the chakra system. Debunking the myths associated with Kundalini awakening, she explains how the first phase of Kundalini rising involves a surging up of fire--the fire of purification. It releases the past, liberates you from past bondages and beliefs, and disrupts the neuro-endocrine systems of the body. The second phase involves expansive experiences of ecstasy, peace, bliss, and emptiness states as the upper chakras open, greater perspective on life comes in, and you connect with cosmic consciousness. The third phase, the opening of the spiritual heart, is a shift from upward-flowing energy to a downward flow of grace into the heart center, leading to compassion, re-anchoring in the world, and the embodiment of light.

Exploring how Kundalini profoundly rewires the physical body and the mind, the author describes the rerouting of digestive fire during the rising of Kundalini energy. She explores the relationship between Kundalini and food allergies and sensitivities as well as supportive dietary and alternative health modalities, including fasting; paleo, keto, vegetarian, vegan, and mono diets; herbal allies; and mineral supplements. She also explores sexual practices that may help or hinder the process and meditation techniques to facilitate Kundalini awakening during each phase.

Providing detailed guidance for each phase of Kundalini awakening, this experiential guide supports you as you transform not only emotionally and spiritually but also physically and socially into your divine self.


Kundalini awakening is our inherent birthright. It is not a pathological experience, but one that bestows great healing and expanded consciousness. It is a path that allows us to bring the totality of our authentic selves into the world. It is a path of great creativity, of awareness, which moves us beyond basic human selfishness to being of benefit in some small or large way to this world. It can also create a great deal of difficulty, pain, and emotional upheaval. Understanding what a kundalini awakening is and how it emerges takes us beyond pathologizing, romanticizing, or villainizing it. If we can see it as consciousness arising we can better help those who are experiencing it to make their way through the process.

About Mary Mueller Shutan

Mary Mueller Shutan is a Spiritual Teacher and Author. She holds a Master's degree in Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture and Herbalism), is a Diplomate of CranioSacral therapy, and has extensively studied bodywork, energy work, and spiritual healing. Although she has been interested in spiritual and mystical topics since she was a young child, she began experiencing a kundalini awakening in 2003 which propelled her to spend the next decade of her life devoted to study, meditation, ritual work, and her clinical practice. Since that time she has supported thousands of students and clients seeking assistance for their spiritual experiences. Known for her clarity and straight-forward nature, her books, blogs and teachings are for people seeking depth, authenticity, as well as spiritual and energetic tools.

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