The Body Deva

The Body Deva

Working with the Spiritual Consciousness of the Body



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About The Body Deva

A step-by-step guide to accessing the body deva, your body consciousness, for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing

  • Details how to dialogue with the consciousness of your body to heal a variety of issues, from physical pains to limiting beliefs
  • Explains how our bodies, consciousness, and spirit are interconnected and how our physical bodies hold emotions and past traumas
  • Explores how to work with the body deva to heal spiritual patterns through the physical body, including techniques of ancestral healing, past life healing, and karmic resolution

We are not our pain or our disease, nor are we defined by our limitations, restrictions, or the labels given to us. We are a whole body, a consciousness, and a spiritual being. As a holistic, interconnected being, our emotions, beliefs, physical pain, past traumas, and even imbalances created through spiritual issues are held within our physical form. By accessing them through the physical body with the body deva--the spiritual consciousness of our human body--we can heal the continuum of mind, body, and spirit. Understanding this is the true key to healing.

In this step-by-step guide to understanding and working with the body deva, the consciousness of your body, Mary Mueller Shutan explains how our bodies hold the traumatic energies, emotions, physical issues, and restricting beliefs that cause us pain and feelings of disconnection. She details how to make contact and dialogue with your body deva to heal a variety of issues, from physical pains to ancestral and past life patterns to limiting ideas about what we can accomplish in this world. By working with the body deva, she shows how we can discover the reasons why our pain, beliefs, or imbalances developed and resolve them to heal mind, body, and spirit, every layer of our being. She explores how to work with the archetypes, labels, limiting beliefs, and myths that underlie our unique history and reasons for being. Shutan also examines how to work with the body deva to heal spiritual patterns through the physical body, including techniques of ancestral healing, past life healing, and karmic resolution.

By learning to dialogue with the body deva, you can understand who you are on the deepest levels. You can learn why your pain and imbalances came to be and what lies unhealed within you. You can evolve beyond the limitations and restrictions in your body and your life and evolve into greater health, connection, joy, and consciousness.


This book will introduce you to the body deva, or the spiritual consciousness of the body. Some of you may currently believe that spirituality is something that lies outside of yourselves, or utilize spirituality to escape from your bodies and lives. But really, spirituality should bring us closer to our bodies, closer to our lives. We should be able to become healthier, understand ourselves on a deeper level, and become more embodied if we are engaged on a spiritual path. Learning to work with the spiritual consciousness of your body, the body deva, will allow you to do so.

The body deva does not require a specific religion or spiritual path to work with; if anything, the body deva may connect you to a greater sense of spirituality in whatever spiritual path or religion you have connected with already.

The body deva allows us to communicate with an inner resource that will have insight about our body, mind, emotions, and even spiritual patterns. We can learn to use the body deva to understand and heal everything, from physical pain to childhood patterns to past lives.

About Mary Mueller Shutan

Mary Mueller Shutan is a Spiritual Teacher and Author. She holds a Master's degree in Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture and Herbalism), is a Diplomate of CranioSacral therapy, and has extensively studied bodywork, energy work, and spiritual healing. Although she has been interested in spiritual and mystical topics since she was a young child, she began experiencing a kundalini awakening in 2003 which propelled her to spend the next decade of her life devoted to study, meditation, ritual work, and her clinical practice. Since that time she has supported thousands of students and clients seeking assistance for their spiritual experiences. Known for her clarity and straight-forward nature, her books, blogs and teachings are for people seeking depth, authenticity, as well as spiritual and energetic tools.

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